Kyukyoku Rainbow

Kyukyoku Rainbow Instruction
Kyukyoku Rainbow 15ml Micro Bottle
An unprecedented ultimate rainbow color has been created. Kyukyoku Rainbow uses extremely bright
and fine-grained holographic pigments. Since the particles are very fine, when applied, the particles
line up smoothly unlike conventional Rainbow flakes and our Phantom Aurora Space can achieve.
Kyukyoku Rainbow is appliable as it is without mixing. It is already diluted.
The variations are endless with your favorite base color. In the case of hobby paint, the paint film
is very strong after drying, so it may not be touched excessively with hands. There is no need to
apply a clear coat if you do not wipe with a solvent, etc.
In addition, you can use it for the back coating of polycarbonate as well. The product is easy to coat
and reasonably priced.
Enjoy our KYUKYOKU RAINBOW today!
* You can paint 3 mini car models with Kyukyoku Rainbow 15 mil bottle.

15ml Micro bottle
50g My bottle

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